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Friday, August 20, 2021

Ola Electric Scooter Price, Description, Images, Colours and Subsidies

 Available in 10 stunning colours in satin, matte and glossy finishes,

Ola S1 comes with iconic twin headlamps, ergonomic and fluidic body, superior alloy wheels, sculpted seating, and the largest boot space that fits two helmets comfortably.


10 stunning colors

Choose from a palette of ten vivid colours available in glossy and matte finish

Large boot space

The ola S1 comes with 36L of generous boot space. Halmets or a week’s groceries, It fits right in

Iconic headlamp

Distinguishing personality that shines through your ride throughtout the day and night

Sit back and relax

With a robust grab rail for safety, a side step and sculpted seating – pillion riders will love how comfortable their ride will be

Ola Scooter for everyone


Ola S1

Ola S1 Pro

Max Speed


115 KMPH

0-40 KM/H

3.6 s

3 s



181 KM


Normal, Sports

Normal, Sports, Hyper


1. Porcelain White, 

2. Neo Mint, 

3. Coral Glam, 

4. Jet Black, 

5. Marshmellow

1. Porcelain White, 

2. Neo Mint, 

3. Coral Glam, 

4. Jet Black, 

5. Marshmellow

6. Liquid Silver

7. Millenial Pink

8. Anthracite Grey

9. Midnight Blue

10. Matt Black

Peak Motor Power


8.5 KW

Ex-Showroom Price




Price of Ola Scooter in States

Price in State

Ola S1

Ola S1 Pro













All Other States




Best Performance:

  • It is setting new industry benchmarks with a range of 181 Kms, acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.0 seconds, and a top speed of 115 kmph. It has a 3.97kWh of battery capacity, more than 30% higher than the next closest EV, and the most powerful motor in the category with 8.5 KW of peak power.

  • Ola S1 also comes with a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) which actively monitors the battery for optimal durability, performance, range and safety. 

Best Technology:

  • S1 brings technology that is several generations ahead of anything on the market. It has no physical key and pairs with your phone with its “digital key” feature. This enables it to know when you’re near it and unlock automatically. It will also lock itself as you move away. It has a multi-microphone array, AI speech recognition algorithms that have been built in-house, and the sharpest, brightest 7-inch touchscreen display ever put in a scooter.

  • With our homegrown MoveOS, customers can not only alter the look & feel of the display but also how the scooter sounds. It will have four moods at launch - Bolt, Care, Vintage and Wonder, and will offer a customised vehicle sound experience that matches your mood of the day. It will also come with three driving modes - Normal, Sport and Hyper for you to personalise how you ride.

  • Ola S1 also solves one of the biggest challenges which has hampered the growth of the EV sector in India has been the upfront cost. Ola S1 comes at a revolutionary price of Rs 99,999. This price is ex-showroom including FAME II subsidy and excludes state subsidies. 

  • In states with active subsidy grants, Ola S1 will be much more affordable than many petrol scooters. For instance, after state subsidy in Delhi, the S1 would cost just Rs 85,099 whereas in Gujarat it would be only Rs 79,999. We have also tied up with banks and financial institutes for an EMI plan starting at Rs 2,999. 


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