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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Type of Advertisement - Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

There are two types of advertising commercial advertising and social advertising.

Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising is done for producing a particular product. It is done on a large-scale to promote consumerism. A product is promoted by using different methods of mass media such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and journals to attract the consumers. It involves monetary interests rather than advocating a social cause.

The main objective of commercial advertising is to promote a newly launched product. It always tries to give a separate identity to a particular product. Commercial advertising tries to make the selling of a particular product easier. It can even reach to remote areas and try to create a vast market.

Social Advertising

It refers to the advertisements that promote the community's health and well-being. Today, the concept of social advertising is no longer new. In social advertising, governments, NGOs and even celebrities join hands to spread the social message among the people. For example, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been constantly spreading the message of polio vaccination. These messages are generally used to make the masses aware of health and moral issues.

Social advertising is not done with the purpose of earning profit. Its main aim is to promote issues related to health and other social problems. Media plays an important role to promote social advertising.

Advantages of Advertisements

1. With advertisement, any one can show its product to the public and can sell it in the market.

2. Advertisements inform the consumer about the quality and price of goods, which makes purchasing easy for the consumer.

3. Through advertisement, the manufacturer can sell the goods directly to the consumers without depending on the middle-men, eliminating the middle men's charges.

4. It helps the consumers to save time. Consumers also get various options open, among which they are free to choose.

Disadvantages of Advertisement

1. Often the consumers are drawn by the enticing words of the advertisements, which make them buy the product.

2. The quality of the product highlighted in the advertisement may not be the same

3. Advertisements appeal to the consumers' personal emotions. For example, advertisements on baby care products motivate mothers to purchase the product

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