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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Cow Essay In English for Students and Children

The Cow: A Useful Animal

300+ Words Essay on Cow

The cow has been given more importance among the animals. She is an animal of simple-nature. The Hindus call her“ Gau Mata” (mother cow).

The cow has a long face, two horns and four legs. She has a long tail, which helps her in flying flies. She has many small hair all over her body. They save her from cold, rain and heat. The cows are of many colours : black, white, brown, spotted and other many colours. Cows are of many kinds : Indian, English, hilly, etc. In our country cows of Haryana are considered to be of good quality.

The cow is a vegetarian animal. Her chief food is grass, green fodder, straw, oil cake, etc. From cows we get healthy milk. Her calves, when they are grown up, are used in our farming. They plough our  fields and pull our bullock carts. The cow-dung is used for fuel as well as in making manure. Now, even the useful gas is made from the cow-dung.

The cow milk is very light restorative and health improver. Churned curd, cream, ghee, cheese, etc. are prepared from her milk. It is also very useful for patients and old persons. In religious books even her urine is considered very useful and holy. It is useful in many diseases. In thread ceremony her urine is taken by sipping. Glue is made of her horns and manure is prepared from her bones. Her skin is also useful. Many useful things are prepared from her leather.

Really the cow is a useful animal. It is the duty of mankind that the cow should be served like one's mother. The cow-killing should be stopped completely. The cow has great importance and utility not only in India but also in other countries of the world.

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