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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Essay on Vijayadashmi (Dussehra)

There are four festivals of Hindus. They are divided among the Hindus according to their Verna (caste) settlement. Raksha Bandhan is considered to be the festival of Brahmins. Deepawali is the festival of Vaisyas, Vijayadashmi (Dussehra) is the festival of Akshatrayas and Holi is regarded the festival of Sudras.

On the day of Vijayadashmi, Akshatrayas worship their arms. This day is considered to be the symbol of victory of justice upon in- justice and virtue against vice. Thousands of years ago, Maryada Purshottam Lord Rama on this day won victory upon Ravana. So, in memory of this great occasion, this great festival is celebrated on Dashmi (the tenth day) of Ashwani Shukla (Hindi month). The festival starts just after the end of the Shradha Paksha (the half part lunar month) and the beginning of the Nav Ratra (the first nine days of the bright days of Aswin, the Hindi month).

On the occasion of Dussehra, effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbh Karana are burnt to remind the grandeur of Lord Rama. Fairs at different places are arranged. At many places beautiful and ideal peep-holes (Jhankies) are arranged and taken out.

On the particular day the houses are cleaned and the courtyards are besmeared and then Dussehra is arranged and worshipped. After worship Hindu ladies put barley leaves (Naurtey) upon the ears of their brothers. It is a sign of holy love between a brother and a sister. On this day Pakwans (fried food) are prepared and children eat kheel (parched rice), sweets, batsha, etc. In Bengal people worship goddess Durga and on this day the idols of Mother Durga are immersed into a river or a sea.

Dussehra is a holy festival of India. It spreads new agility, new life and new enthusiasm in the whole society. Considering Rama as our ideal we ould devote ourselves wholly to establish Rama Rajya in our free India. It Will inspire bravery and patriotism in the country.

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