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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Essay on Peacock in English

The Peacock: The National Bird

Birds of different colours and their sweet notes adorn nature with elegance. Unity between birds and nature in the world of beauty is delightful and pleasure giving.

A peacock is the most beautiful bird of all. Its blue neck, beautiful crest on its head and the crescent spots on its feathers increase its beauty. There is no other such a beautiful bird as the peacock in the world of birds. So it has the honour of being the National Bird', of our country.

When the dark clouds roam in the sky, the cry of a peacock echoes. Its dance of this time looks very charming. But while dancing, if it looks at its paws, it weeps because its paws are not beautiful. The body of a peacock is heavy. So it cannot fly high. The peacock has also a very high place in literature. Lord Krishna also wore a peacock-crown. In 'Abhigyan Shakuntlam' one of the immortal writings of Kalidas, the sight of a peacock and a young-one of a deer catching the end of Shakuntla's shawl while departing shows their natural love to her. Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva, seeing the beauty of the peacock made it his own carrier. These incidents in literature enhance the status of the peacock. 

A peacock is a good friend of farmers. It kills the poisonous snakes and eats them. It also eats up the harmful insects in the fields and saves the crop. To kill a peacock is a national offence. Its killing comes under the legal punishment of Forest Protection Law. To save the life of pea-cocks is a kind of protection of beauty. Safety of birds as that of peacocks means to check pollution in nature and to enhance the beauty of environment.

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